„I have been playing ball hockey since I was real young“, says NHL star Jonathan Huberdeau

Knapper brand ambassador is famous ice hockey player from NHL Jonathan Huberdeau. Czech ball hockey federation is really proud to be a part of the Knapper ball hockey family. Jonathan Huberdeau spoke exclusively for our website in an interview not only about his relationship with ball hockey.

You are a Knapper brand ambassador. What is your personal relationship with ball hockey?

I have been playing ball hockey (or dek hockey like we call it in Quebec) since I was real young. I still play for fun during the summer with friends, especially in coed tournaments where I can play with both men and women friends.

How did your cooperation with Knapper come about? Is ball hockey a good additional sport for ice hockey players?

I think it was a natural collaboration. I mean I love the sport and I think it is a great way to keep the shape during my off-season as it is very good for cardio.

Ball hockey is very popular in the Czech Republic. It has year-round competitions from the smallest to adults. What do you say about it? And do you follow the events in the Czech Republic?

I have heard the sport is quite popular in Czech Republic but I never had the chance to see games.

Have you ever played ball hockey in the Czech Republic or do you ever plan to?

Not yet, but I would love to have the chance one day. I have seen the Czech players in action at the World Championship and from what I have seen, the level of play is very good. Let me know if you organize an international tournament some day!

Will Jonathan ever play ball hockey in the Czech Republic? Photo source: Knapper.

Knapper really work hard to promote and grow the sport

We consider Knapper to be the most widespread and best ball hockey brand in the world. You can probably agree with this statement, right?

It would sound weird if I did not agree right? Lol!! No seriously I believe they bring a professional level to the sport like no other company did before. And not only with their equipment but also with their involvment in the sport. They really work hard to at the grassroot level to promote and grow the sport.

In the following season, you will play in the NHL for Calgary! What led you to this change and will you miss the Florida Panthers?

I was traded by the Panthers so it was not my decision. It was a shock at first as I have always played in Florida since the beginning of my pro career. But now that the shock is passed, I am really excited to start playing in Calgary as I know it‘s a great hockey town and I think we will have a very good team.

The Women's and Men's World Championships were recently held in Montreal. You were there directly, how do you rate the level of ball hockey games?

I was very impressed with the level and the intensity of play. I had a great time, the Teams gave us a really good show. And the ambiance in Place Bell was quite amazing!

What would you wish for all ball hockey players for the next season?

Just enjoy yourself. Hockey is the best game, on skates or in running shoes, period.

Jonathan Huberdeau at an autograph session during the World Championships in Montreal 2022. Photo source: Knapper.