The Czechoslovak Super Cup is here! Kert Park will challenge the champion from Slovakia at Lužiny!

This Saturday, the ball hockey holiday will take place in the form of the Supercup 2022! The Czechoslovak super cup of ball hockey will start at Lužiny in Prague at 12:00 with a match between the junior team of Slovak LG Bratislava and Prague's Hostivař.

This duel will be the so-called "precursor" of the big fight between the two champions. The one between the men of HC Kert Park Prague and LG Bratislava starts at 16:00. This international event will also be available to watch live on Bedrwood Studio's Hokejbal TV YouTube channel. The men's match will also have commentary!

The Czechoslovak Super Cup has a really great tradition. 8 matches of the Czech and Slovak champions took place, while there was a three-year break due to the pandemic. But in October, the 9th year of this event will take place in Prague's Lužíny! The tradition of the Czechoslovak Supercup started in Vlašim in 2012 when the home team Vlašim defeated the Slovak champions from Nitra 3:1. The total balance from eight matches clearly speaks in favor of the Slovak hockey players, who won in 5 years of the Super Cup. It was won three times by Nitra and twice by Skalica. From the point of view of the Czech side, Vlašim, HBC Pardubice, and HC Kert Park Praha once took over this event.

"We haven't shown up at an international event for a long time. We do not go to tournaments in Pilsen or Kladno, so this team does not have much experience with international ball hockey. But we are certainly looking forward to it. It is such a reward for the players. We will combine the Super Cup with a trip to Prague and I believe that we will also celebrate there," said LG Bratislava coach Jaroslav Šálka. Both teams take this international event as a great celebration of ball hockey. "We would like this event to be for children as well. Maybe we could call it the day of Czechoslovak friendship," Kert Park coach David Kuna revealed earlier and added: "As for the opponent in the Czechoslovak Super Cup, I saw two final matches against Skalica, but I will definitely watch them later. The fact that Bratislava won was perhaps a surprise, but in the end, they deservedly won the last game. We are so looking forward to the fact that it will be a battle between the two capitals and that a decent visit could come to Lužiny. It will be a good hockey ball. And I would be a bad coach if I didn't tell the players that we want to beat Bratislava."

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