About CBHF

The Czech Ball Hockey Federation (CBHF) is a sports association with nationwide competence, which acts in its own name and on its own property responsibility in accordance with the approved Articles of the Federation. It was founded in 1990. CBHF represents the Czech ball hockey movement in international organizations and has an independent right and responsibility for the preparation and provision of the Czech national ball hockey team. In 1993 CBHF was one of the founding members of the International Hockey Federation ISBHF.

The highest body of the Federation is the General Meeting. It is convened every year, once every four years the General Meeting is electoral. In the period between General Meetings, CBHF is governed by a seven-member Presidency, headed by the President of the Federation. There are currently nine expert Commissions within CBHF (sport, technical, disciplinary, referees, delegates, youth and methodology, women's ball hockey, registry and appeal).

The CBHF centrally organizes the following national competitions: Extraleague and 1st League (men and women), Juniors Extraleague U19 and U16. Through its seven regional associations, the CBHF organizes youth, seniors, womens and other competitions.

CBHF associates around 33 000 registered members in 110 ball hockey clubs. There are approx. 100 official open ball hockey rinks and 4 specialized covered ball hockey arenas. For the high level events often ice hockey arenas are used.